Pipeline Rehabilitation


High Performance Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation System

InfraTrack, Inc. does custom installations in an eight state region:

South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming

  • 6″ – 15″ (150mm – 380mm)
  • 18″ – 30″ (450mm – 750mm) – Coming Soon

NovaForm™ PVC Liner is used in sewer and culvert rehabilitation. Extruded and coiled onto reels, the product is heated and conditioned on the job site, then pulled into an existing sewer or culvert by mechanical means.


Like a new length

Non-corroding and installation friendly PVC piping systems have become the material of choice for potable water and sewer infrastructure across North America. The finished NovaForm™ PVC Liner product provides the same proven benefits of standard PVC pipe.

The benefits of PVC

Being made from PVC, NovaForm™ PVC Liner is highly-resistant to chemicals and offers excellent abrasion- and scratch-resistance properties. The smooth interior surface of PVC translates into improved hydraulic properties as well. Best of all, PVC is a sustainable pipe material which means NovaForm™provides an industry leading service life.

A solution for every job

From corroded sanitary sewers to deteriorated corrugated steel pipes in need of structural repair, NovaForm™ PVC Liner is available in the sizes you need: 6” to 30” and industry-standard DR 35 and DR 41.

Multiple trenchless benefits

With NovaForm™ PVC Liner you benefit from the many advantages of a modern trenchless rehabilitation technology including: time savings, the ability for local businesses and roads to remain open during operation, potential cost savings and reduced environmental impact over traditional open-cut methods.

Consistent product

NovaForm™ PVC Liner is manufactured in strict accordance with the ASTM F1871 standard. These measures ensure a consistent final product for the end user and the benefit of accurate project estimating for the contractor.


Another great advantage of NovaForm’s Fold & Form system: it is green, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable. Because the manufacturing process for the NovaForm PVC liner is completed entirely at the factory, there are no hazardous water soluble chemicals brought to the job site. Also, since the installation process is achieved using a physical process and not a chemical reaction, NovaForm does not contain or produce any toxic/volatile monomers (such as styrene) that could leak into ground water or streams, nor any noxious vapors that pollute the air.


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