About Infra-Track Inc.

Infra-Track’s expanded capabilities and specialized equipment enable us to protect and maintain a wide variety of pipeline systems to improve water quality and increase pipeline flow capacity. We specialize in renewing wastewater and stormwater pipelines.

Our solutions utilize cutting edge technology that offers our clients the ability to visualize obstructions or problem area’s where dig methods can’t. In fact, Infra-Track is equipped with a lateral launch CCTV system and the furthest reaching CCTV equipment in the region.

In addition to maintaining pipeline systems, Infra-Track offers pipeline rehabilitation. Rehabilitating pipeline systems saves time and money. State of the art robotic equipment allows us the ability to go where some dig and replace methods can’t: interstate systems, highways, underground parking structures, pools… all without stopping traffic.

Whether you are in need of pipeline cleaning, televising, pipeline rehabilitation, jetting, vacuuming, hydro excavation, residential pipe rehabilitation or emergency services Infra Track has crews in South Dakota and Colorado offering solutions in the Midwest to surpass your expectations.

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